Therapists in Franklin, MI

Our counselors care about the way our patients live and react with each other and the community. We want our neighbors to feel satisfied, happy, and productive. Our services include dealing with overwhelming feelings of envy, humility, and hearing the word no. Below is a list of some issues that we help people with;


Do you know there is a difference between being envious and being jealous? Psychologists say that pathological or severe jealousy can interfere with daily life and cause a person to fall into depression or hurt themselves or someone else. Abuse is a common reaction to extreme jealousy. Our caring staff offer programs that include behavioral therapy and reconditioning programs to improve the way the person looks at situations and reacts.


At Bright Pine Behavioral Health, our therapists in Franklin, MI see people in our practice who are depressed, lonely, and stressed because they feel humiliated. Shame can come from religious entities, traumatic experiences, rape, and being different than the world feels you should. Feeling bad all the time is not normal, but treatment for shame can greatly improve your outlook by teaching confidence, self-acceptance, and forgiveness for others.


When a person hears no all the time, they can believe something is wrong with them. Abuse or neglect from someone you love or a family member is depressing and can cause mental health issues concerning self-esteem. Acknowledging the negative response is the first step in treating a person with severe rejection issues. Teaching him or her how to stop dwelling on bad feelings is another coping mechanism. Adjusting the way you perceive situations can be beneficial. Our therapists provide a sounding board so that you can talk without fear of negative comments.


There are two ways our counselors can help people with power issues. First, people who feel someone is abusing power and trying to keep them down can get help with dealing with the individual and learning how to let the feelings of inadequacy drop away. Second, management professionals who do not feel they can live up to the task can learn how assertive behavior can be respectful and effective. Most importantly, people who abuse their power can learn how to regulate behaviors with therapy by teaching them how to give and take. Power struggles happen in relationships, jobs, and education. Our psychology team is here to help.

Where to Find a Therapist in Franklin, MI

Bright Pine Behavioral Health providers are happy to assist you whether your family doctor wants you to see us or you want treatment to improve your life. Our licensed Franklin psychologists provide treatment that you can trust and depend on to overcome your emotional state and be a better person. Our experts can evaluate and treat many other conditions too.