Therapists in Ferndale, MI

On top of counseling and therapy, psychologists assist individuals needing paperwork stating that an assistance animal is necessary. We also provide therapy for health goals such as quitting smoking. Patients with nerve damage in the spinal cord must undergo psychological testing to give surgeons a baseline of the mental health of the person. The purpose of therapy is to provide all of these services and assistance with depression, anxiety, abuse, and stress.

Emotional Support Letters

Animals are becoming quite the help to people who have physical, mental, and emotional issues. These pets can go everywhere you can go as long as you have a letter saying the pet is necessary. These animals are not service pets since they do not perform a task. They are emotionally beneficial to people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues. Many times, a feeling of safety is all a person needs to get out and take a walk in the park or get out of bed in the morning.


Criticism is inevitable, but some people can feel overwhelmed by the things people say to them. When these feelings begin negatively impacting the life one leads, then counseling could be beneficial. Our therapy team at Bright Pine Behavioral Health help adults and children boost confidence and learn how to cope with conversations that hurt feelings. Resisting the feeling to become defensive and welcoming constructive critiques are two of the ways our counselors in Ferndale can help.

Stopping Smoking

Counselors are excellent support for people who want to quit smoking. 16 million people in America have some type of issue that directly relates to a habit of smoking. Therapists use group therapy, nicotine gum, incentives, and counseling to give serious individuals assistance in reaching their goals. Achieving permanent success is important to our practitioners because it improves your health and protects those around you.

Pre-Surgery Testing for Spinal Cord Stimulators

This procedure may cause a negative effect on patients, so physicians require a pre-surgery battery of tests including a mental health checkup. Psychologists talk with the individual and ask questions allowing them to see if there is a reason to believe the patient will become over anxious or depressed after the surgery. If so, then the team can evaluate options for treatment. Finding out the answers before the procedure can prepare people for the outcome.

Where to Find a Therapist in Ferndale, MI

Our therapists at Bright Pine Behavioral Health offer a broad range of services to our Ferndale community. Whether your doctor feels you need an evaluation or could benefit from counseling services, our therapy team is happy to assist you. Let us help you achieve your goals and lead a life that makes you happy.