Therapists in Farmington Hills, MI

Do you feel like you are at your wit’s end in life? Do you have so much overwhelming that makes you feel isolated, fatigued, anxious, or nervous? Psychologists enter years of training to learn how to help people cope with extremely difficult times in life. Perhaps you know the signs and want to stop the downfall. These are the times when therapists in Farmington Hills, MI can help the most.

Therapy Issues That Are Commonly Treated near Farmington Hills, MI

Anxiety Disorders

This condition affects more than 40 million Americans every year. Many things contribute to these problems including lifestyle, personality type, genetics, and living environments.

Our therapists provide assistance when you feel out of control, have panic attacks, and begin avoiding distressing situations. Counseling lets you talk out the problem and discuss solutions in a safe and private setting.


Major depressive disorder is one condition that affects more women than men each year. This problem is the number one cause of debilitation that affects adults up to their middle 40s.

Our therapy professionals in Farmington Hills, MI understand how to test, diagnose, and treat this condition along with other forms of depression including seasonal mood disorders.


Sometimes, coping with the loss of someone very close to you seems impossible. Counseling with a psychologist can promote an environment where it is safe to talk about the person and learn how to move past the emotions of death.

Nevertheless, learning new ways to deal with loneliness or loss is a unique process. Our counselors have the licenses and education to help you find your way out of grief. We offer group and family therapy should the household need help with a loss.

Self Harm

If you cut or hurt yourself on purpose, then we want to talk to you. Do you feel an overwhelming urge to do things you know you should not do to yourself?

Our counselors can help you understand the compulsion, what fuels your addictive behavior, and how to break the cycle. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one way you can discover new ways to deal with these symptoms.

Where to Find a Therapist in Farmington Hills, MI

When you or your family doctor feel that you need the help of a counselor or therapist for stress, worry, fear, and panic, then the caring staff at Bright Pine Behavioral Health are happy to help. Moreover, your peace of mind and quality of life is what we want to improve.

You know when things are off or something does not feel right. We can help you discover strategies to uncover your fears and learn coping mechanisms to help you stay calm.

Our professionals can provide medications for sleeplessness or depression and offer training to teach you how to breathe and relax depending on severity and need.