Therapists in Bloomfield Hills, MI

It can be difficult to watch someone you love consistently do the same harmful things over and over.

Common Issues That Are Treated Through Therapy

Psychologists treat compulsions with food, objects, and dangerous activities through cognitive behavioral therapy and other proven techniques that improve the quality of life for patients with these problems.

Our experts at Bright Pine Behavioral Health can provide a variety of help with compulsive behaviors.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is commonly diagnosed in adulthood although some teenagers can present symptoms before then. This obsession can include bad habits or create the need for the person to keep things around them in a very precise order. People who fear germs are everywhere and clean constantly can have OCD issues.

Our licensed counselors can unearth the root cause of the problem and prescribe a tailored treatment. One way we treat these disorders is by helping the patient rationalize fears and see where they exaggerate the problem.

Bipolar Disorder

Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a term given to characterize the high and low swings of emotions and moods in patients. This affliction has telltale signs of compulsive manic episodes where a person gambles, cleans, cheats, eats, drinks, or abuses drugs on a binge in some types.

These habits can last for days followed up by periods of severe depression and sadness in some people. This problem is difficult to diagnose correctly. Our counselors and therapy team in Bloomfield Hills can evaluate individuals feeling like there is a problem with obsessive-compulsive disorder and wants to overcome the issue.

Eating Disorders

Problems eating enough or eating too much can cause weight issues and health problems. Our therapists in Bloomfield Hills, MI understand these disorders and how to use group therapy to build self-confidence.

Our counseling team uses acceptance techniques and stress-relieving methods to give patients the control to eat a more normally. Whether patients need help to slow down eating or learning how to eat more often, the treatment we provide can give you the tools to balance out your diet and learn to see yourself as normal again.

Where to Find a Therapist in and around Bloomfield Hills, MI

Bright Pine Behavioral Health psychologists are affiliated with top agencies like the National Academy of Neuro-Psychology giving our patients peace of mind that we offer high-quality behavioral health care.

Our treatment professionals in Michigan want to extend our assistance to you or your family members suffering from compulsive behavior.

When your doctor thinks you have problems that counseling can resolve, then we are happy to evaluate and test you for problems associated with your symptoms after carefully reviewing your case and talking with you.

Our superior care and compassionate service ensure you have a private and healing place to talk about life and learn to cope.