Therapists in Beverly Hills, MI

Did you recently have a baby? While mood swings and hormonal changes are a big part of delivering a child, a deep or lasting depression is not. If you experienced a miscarriage, then coping with the death of a child can overwhelm you and cause you to lose enjoyment in life.

Common Therapy Issues Treated Near Beverly Hills, MI

Mental health professionals help patients who need treatment after having a child. One example of how they help is diagnosing disorders like postpartum depression and gaining self-esteem after gaining many pounds can be hard for some people. Some people struggle to take the weight back off after the baby and get depressed.

Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum Depression Issues

When you plan to have children, you dream that the world will be perfect and everything will fall into place. As you begin your pregnancy journey or have issues getting pregnant, you can feel an overwhelming urge to live up to everyone’s standards. During pregnancy, feelings of despair, anxiety, and worry about the baby’s health can swallow you up.

After giving birth, your body and mind may not return to normal right away. Whenever your obstetrician feels you need help from a psychologist, then our licensed therapists can provide the comfort you need to deal with pregnancy-related sadness.

Grief After Losing a Baby

Many parents who lose a child never get over the sadness of the loss, but there are things that you can do to live a normal life. During the darkest times, our therapists near Beverly Hills, MI provide the comfort and understanding you need to unveil your feelings and come to terms with the loss. Grief has many steps, and our licensed counselors know how to help patients who get lost along the way.

Overcoming Stress

Do you want to tear your hair out chasing kids, cleaning, and running errands every day? Are you feeling like you are getting buried under a mountain of chores and work?

Coping with the stress of parenthood can be a long battle when you do not have the tools to make things easier. Our psychologists from Beverly Hills can teach you methods of dealing with things in the heat of the moment. Moreover, we can help you learn how to calmly and rationally think about things after you are in a better state of mind.

Where to Find a Therapist in Beverly Hills, MI

Let our clinical psychologist discover a tailored path for success for you after having a baby. We meet with you in private, perform group therapy, and offer family treatment at Bright Pine Behavioral Health.

Stop letting insomnia, stress, and confidence issues prevent you from enjoying all the milestones your baby will meet in the coming months. Our counselors can put your mind at ease and give you ideas for the most stressful times ahead.