Therapists in Berkley, MI

Parenthood doesn’t come without its share of fears and concerns. But at the core of it is love and happiness that parents gather from seeing their children grow and develop normally. As social abilities develop intuitively, you’ll see children playing and interacting with their peers as a sign of progress. However, such isn’t the case for many children and adults who struggle socially, due to conditions such as ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety that significantly affect relationships and inhibit the process of personality building. Acknowledging the need for a proper diagnosis and learning why you need to see a therapist is one of the first steps in seeking a better solution for your children and loved ones.

Why Is Therapy Important?

Therapists near Berkley MI contend how crucial therapy is for individuals, families, and couples as it helps counter depression, anxiety, social difficulties, and other mental health or behavioral issues.

The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help patients cope with life by facilitating interventions effectively. The benefits of therapy are life-changing. With the growing scope of research into mental disorders and social anxieties, you have more and more exceptional therapists joining this sphere and dedicating their lives to improving the mental and behavioral state of patients.

Common Issues Treated near Berkley, MI

Your team of professions such as psychologists and counselors all share similarities when it comes to resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and actions, but each is trained and qualified specifically in his own niche.

They understand the intricacies and specifications of a particular condition and employ treatments accordingly.


People suffering from ADHD are aware of social standards and behavioral expectations but are unable to execute such behaviors. They lack the ability to perform normally due to being impulsive and distracted by objects and people in their view or thoughts. Social cues that guide conversations and actions are usually missed by them due to this very issue.

Bipolar Disorder

Those who suffer from a bipolar disorder understand that it is marked by alternating periods of exhilaration and depression. They experience manic-depressive attacks or extreme elation between shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels.


Depression is common yet a serious mood disorder that causes severe symptoms affecting people negatively and casting a sinking feeling in them. It impacts them in how they feel, think, and handle their daily affairs such as working, sleeping, or eating.


Anxiety disorders entail an overwhelming fear of failure, it could be a result of an emotional trauma or perceived threats. Anxiety can breed extremely negative behavioral consequences as those who suffer from it are constantly caught up in a feeling of worry about bad future occurrences.

Types of Therapies and Their Benefits

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is characterized by techniques that boost happiness by altering dysfunctional feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. CBT focuses on getting patients to overcome distorted cognitions and correct patterns of behavior that are destructive. CBT is popular and one of the most effective treatment method for anxiety and depression.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is designed to provide patients with new skills that assist them in managing conflicts in relationships and distressed emotions. It focuses on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT is an evidence-based method and quite popular in treating trauma and conflicts in patients.

Group Therapy

Group therapy has been used for quite a long time in many different institutions. The psychotherapy involves a therapist who works with many people at the same time. This is a therapeutic practice popularly enforced in hospitals, mental health clinics, and community centers.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps dissolve family disputes and conflicts by helping members improve communication. Effective communication in the presence of a psychologist helps resolve misunderstandings and conflicts that arise from it. FT is an effective and popular medium employed in various institutions.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is used as a means of helping children communicate and express themselves as significantly as possible. It involves a variety of play and creative arts techniques that correct behavioral patterns in children and help them develop normally. This form of psychotherapy is most popular among children can be used for adults as well.

Where to Find a Good Therapist in Berkley, MI

For any therapy to be effective it is imperative that the doctor you seek is genuinely vested in seeking improvement for his clients and patients.

Dr. Kat Lewitzke’s private practice near Berkley ensures a timely and an accurate diagnosis of social and psychological problems. Dr. Kat is a practitioner that is routinely referred to by various professionals in the area.

The Bright Pine Behavioral Health is home to expert psychologists and other health professionals that ensure you’re given the care you need to recover from various social challenges.