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Greg Thornhill MA TLLP


Greg Thornhill MA TLLP provides psychotherapy with a client focus on helping children ages 4-17, and also in working with teachers to deal with their daily stressors.

During sessions he uses play and talk therapy. A humanistic as well as cognitive behavioral therapy approach are the primary philosophical approaches to how he conducts therapeutic sessions.

Besides working with children, he also focuses on helping educators to deal with the stress and anxiety of working in the classroom, dealing with administrators, and in helping parents to work with their child.

Prior to earning his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, he spent 23 years as a special education teacher.

“I worked daily with children that had ADHD, Autism, were otherwise health impaired, as well as having other disabilities. I am also certified as a Director of Special Education. I can assist teachers, parents and children in handling the difficulties of life in school, or in the home. Throughout my teaching career I worked with children ages 5 to 18, and also taught at the University level.

It is my goal to help every client find their path to becoming the best person possible.”

*TLLP designation stands for Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist